Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the Inuvialuit Water Board's objectives?
  2. Does the Inuvialuit Water Board have jurisdiction over the entire Northwest Territories?
  3. Does the Inuvialuit Water Board have jurisdiction over the ocean?
  4. What is a water licence?
  5. Do individuals need to have a water licence for their personal use?
  6. Do I need a water licence for my project?
  7. What type of water licence (Type A or Type B) does my activity require?
  8. How can I access the Inuvialuit Water Board's public registry?
  9. What kind of documents can be found on the public registry?
  10. What is the licensing process and how long does each step take?
  11. Do all the applications go through public hearing processes?
  12. Does the Inuvialuit Water Board issue land use permits?
  13. Does the Inuvialuit Water Board only handle new applications?
  14. What is required in a water licence application?
  15. Why is it important to submit a complete water licence application?
  16. How much will it cost to submit an application?
  17. If I am not the applicant, how can I participate in a water licence processing?
  18. Can I ask the Inuvialuit Water Board to rethink its decision, if I am not happy with the decision that was made?
  19. What happens when my licence expires?
  20. When should I submit my renewal application?
  21. Do I need to pay water use fees?
  22. Can my licence be transferred to another person, company…?