Under the Waters Act an application must be made to the Board and a Licence issued prior to the use of any waters or disposal of any waterborne waste.

The requirements for application are binding on those using inland waters including businesses, industry as well as municipal, territorial and federal governments and their agencies. The only exclusions are the use of water for domestic purposes, in-stream users (fishing, swimming, boating), for extinguishing a fire, or on an emergency basis, controlling or preventing a flood.

Water Licence Application - Schedule C
Application for Cancellation of Water Licence
Application for Assignment of Water Licence
Application for Intervener Status 
Rules of Procedure (2015) 
IWB Document Submission Standards (2016) 
Licensing Process in the ISR (2014) 
IWB Step-by-Step Licencing Process 
Application Process Flowchart (2015)

What to Include

The Board requires that certain information and fees be provided in support of a Water licence Application. Your application package should include the following items:

  • Completed "Schedule C" application form and Questionnaire;
  • Detailed Project Description Report;
  • A description of potential concerns related to the project, an inventory of biological resources that the project may impact (eg. wildlife and fish habitat, recreation areas), an identification of all potential environmental impacts and proposed mitigative measures including cumulative impacts, the effects of accidents or malfunctions, an explanation of any past, proposed or on-going baseline studies;
  • A description of socio-economic issues closely related to the environmental impacts, potential concerns regarding human health, effects on traditional land uses, public consultation, and data gathering methodologies;
  • A detailed map of project location with associated Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates in degrees, minutes, and seconds (DMS), and suitable for reproduction; engineering plans and drawings signed and stamped by a professional engineer registered with the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists;
  • Environmental management plans - for example: Spill Contingency Plan, Sewage and Solid Waste Management Plan, Hazardous Waste Management Plan; Sediment and Erosion Control Plan, Aquatic Effects Monitoring Plan, Permafrost Monitoring Plan, Closure and Reclamation Plan; Remedial Action Plan etc. depending on the type and nature of the project;
  • Environmental Impact Screening Committee (EISC) decision letter;
  • A thirty dollar ($30.00) application fee payable to Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) Department of Finance;
  • A deposit equal to the first year's water use fee ($30.00), for accurate amount use the Water Use Fee Calculator and include copy of calculation. This fee is also payable to GNWT Department of Finance;
  • Provide two (2) printed copies of complete application package and two electronic copies (CD or USB); and
  • Send completed application packages by mail or deliver to our office in Inuvik.