Richard Binder

Richard Binder


Richard and his twin Ron were born July 20, 1948, during a snowstorm, on Richards Island located in the Mackenzie Delta of the NWT.

They are the first surviving Inuvialuit twins born on the land in the Mackenzie Delta.  Richard was raised in the Mackenzie Delta and after completing high school, continued to work and raise his own family there.

He has worked for the GNWT as Game Warden and as a Land Use Inspector for INAC.  He also worked for Imperial Oil (ESSO) as a Community Liaison Officer, Employee Relations and Socio-economic Advisor.

In the late 80s he started working for the Inuvialuit Joint Secretariat in a number of capacities; Resource Person and secretary for the Inuvialuit Game Council (IGC), President of the local Hunters and Trappers Committee, Member to the Environmental Impact Review Board and the Inuvik Director of the IGC.  Richard has participated in many National and International gathering such as the World Conservation Union (WCU) and the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES).

He currently works as Support Staff for the Inuvialuit Joint Secretariat and provides administrative and technical support to the Environmental Impact Review Board, a co management Board established through the Inuvialuit Final Agreement.

Richard still finds time to take his family to the coast to their whaling camp each July and is building another permanent camp in the Mackenzie Delta, within the tree line, so that he and his family can have access to their traditional hunting areas year round by river, ice road or overland in winter.