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Hamlet of Aklavik - Bridge and Culvert

Licence Status


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Type B - Hamlet of Aklavik, Bridge Construction [Site Location - Latitude (DMS): 68 13 57 N and Longitude (DMS): 135 10 16 W] and Culvert Installation [Site Location - Latitude (DMS): 68 13 52.3 N and Longitude (DMS): 135 9 38.87 W]. Licence Term: December 20, 2017 to December 19, 2022.

ENR Compliance and Enforcement Strategy - COVID-19

Licence Issuance Package

Reasons for Decision

Schedule C and Bridge Construction Project Description 2017

Waste Management Plan 2017

Spill Contingency Plan 2017

Aklavik Authorization Letter to Consultant

Additional Information Request

DFO Self-Assessment

Culvert Installation Project Description 2017

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan 2017

Revised Bridge Construction Project Description 2017

Revised Spill Contingency Plan 2017

Revised Waste Management Plan 2017

Response of Aklavik to DFO Add Info Request

ENR Review Comments

ECCC Review Comments

DFO Review Comments

EISC Decision Letter

Public Consultation Record

Water Licence Renewal Reminder 2022