Licence Number


Licence Entity

Peyto Exploration & Development Corp. (Assigned from Repsol)

Licence Status


Licence Type



Type B - Peyto Exploration & Development Corp. (Assigned from Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc.) Prince Patrick Island, Contaminated site remediation (Lat. 77 17' 30" N and Long. 116 54' 27" W) - Contaminated Soil Containment Structure (Permanent) Licence Term: June 1, 2017 – Sep 30, 2033

Licence Issuance Package

Water Licence Assignment to Peyto from Repsol

Reasons for Decision

Water Licence Assignment - Reasons for Decision

ENR Compliance and Enforcement Strategy - COVID-19

EISC Decision Letter

EISC Decision - Extension to Multi-Year Program

DFO Review Comments

ENR Review Comments

Schedule C and Project Summary

Additional Information Request

Waste Management Plan

Repsol Response to the IWB Additional Information Request

Spill Contingency Plan - Draft

Figures and Drawings

Project Description

Water Laboratory Results

Soil Laboratory Results

Soil Analytical Results


Project Deferral Letter

Repsol Comments on Draft Water Licence Terms and Conditions

ENR Letter - Security Deposit

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Letter to BP Oil & Gas

Repsol Project Cost Estimate

Application for Water Licence Assignment

2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report - Appendix A

2017 Annual Report - Appendix B

2017 Annual Report - Appendix C

2017 Annual Report - Appendix D

2017 Annual Report - Appendix E

2017 Annual Report - Appendix F

2017 Annual Report - Appendix G

2017 Annual Report - Appendix H

2017 Annual Report - Acknowledgement Receipt

2018 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report - Acknowledgement

2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report - Acknowledgement

2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report - Acknowledgement

2021 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report - Acknowledgment

2022 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report - Acknowledgment

Mould Bay Mobilization Camp

Site Remediation Plan - Additional Information Request

Security Deposit Acceptance Letter

Surveillance Network Program (SNP) Plan

Spill Contingency Plan

Construction Design Specification - QA/QC

Reclamation Closure and Monitoring Plan

Remediation Action Plan

Updated Waste Management Plan

Surveillance Network Program (SNP) QA/QC Plan

ENR Comments on Remediation Plan

Repsol Response on ENR Comments

Reclamation Closure and Monitoring Plan - Final

Approval of Site Remediation Plans

Schedule Change Notification

Schedule Change Correspondence

Weather and Sampling Correspondence

Design Deviation Notification Letter

Design Deviation Notification

2018-02-02 Work Schedule Notification 2018

2018-03-09 Notice of Modification of Containment Structure

2018-03-28 Containment Structure Modification - Approval

2018-05-07 Updated Work Schedule 2018 - 2019

2018-08-14 Notification of Weather Condition and Impact on 2018 Work Schedule

2018-08-27 Camp Closure Notification 2018

Construction and Demobilization Schedule 2019 and 2020

Update of Containment Structure

Notice of Modification for Temporary Storage of Water

Modification Notice - Acceptance

Post Construction Information

Post Construction Information - Acknowledgement

Site Monitoring Postponement Notification

Site Monitoring Postponement Notification - IWB Response

Demobilization Schedule

Revised Reclamation, Closure and Monitoring Plan

Approval of Revised Reclamation, Closure and Monitoring Plan

2021 Field Work Deferral Notification

2021 Field Work Deferral - Acknowledgement

Demobilization Schedule

Peyto Security Deposit Acceptance